When I’m tired, I enjoy watching TV. It’s relaxing. (watch), I’ve decided________ for another job. I need a change. (look), I’m not going anywhere! I refuse ___________. (move), I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind_____________ . (wait), Tina ran in a marathon last week, but she failed__________ . (finish), I wish that dog would stop__________ . It’s driving me crazy. (bark), They didn’t know I was listening to them. I pretended __________asleep. (be), We were hungry, so I suggested________ dinner early. (have), Hurry up! I don’t want to risk________ the train. (miss), David is very quiet. He tends not___________ much. (say) , She avoided ______________ (tell) him about her plans., Do you mind ______________ (give) me a hand?, She kept ______________ (talk) during the film., She agreed ______________ (bring) the pudding., I don’t recommend ______________ (take) the bus, it takes forever!, We hope ______________ (visit) Amsterdam next month., She suggested ______________ (go) to the museum., They plan ______________ (start) college in the autumn. , I don’t want ______________ (leave) yet., I offered ______________ (help)., I miss ______________ (go) to the beach, I couldn’t help ______________ (laugh). , I really can’t stand ______________ (wait) for the bus., I’d love ______________ (come) with you., I prepared ______________ (go) on holiday..


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