1) I ...... be very shy when I was a little kid.  a) used to b) used c) use to 2) I ...... eat any vegetables or fruit, but now I do. a) didn't used to b) didn't use c) didn't use to 3) Where ...... on holiday when you were a child ?  a) did you use to go b) you used to go c) did you used to go 4) ...... like chocolate when you were younger? a) Did you use to b) You used to c) Did you use 5) I ...... early on Sunday mornings and then read the newspaper. a) use to get up b) used to get up c) usually get up 6) I ...... play hockey but now I find it exhausting. a) usually b) used to c) didn't use to 7) How ...... to go to school when you were a child? a) did you use b) used you c) you used 8) My mum ...... like cats but now she loves them! a) doesn't use to b) didn't use to c) used to


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