1) It's a great song. I love ___! a) her b) it c) them d) him 2) We don't speak Italian very well. Can you help __? a) them b) us c) it d) we 3) The coffee is hot. Wait, don't drink ___ now! a) it b) me c) them d) him 4) I often call Ellie, but she doesn't often call ___. a) us b) her c) me d) we 5) Can you go to the boss's office? She wants to see ____. a) you b) me c) her 6) Where are my keys? I can't find ____. a) him b) it c) them 7) Hello again! Do you remember ___? My name's Matt. a) him b) me c) you 8) Laura is in love with Nick, but he isn't in love with ____.  a) her b) me c) you 9) What do you think of these shoes? I don't like ______. They are horrible colour. a) it b) him c) them 10) We don't know this city. Can you tell ___ some places to visit? a) us b) me c) you 11) This cafe's very noisy. I don't really like ____ here. a) him b) them c) it 12) My sister works in Germany. I don't see ___ very often. a) her b) him c) you 13) I'm free tonight. Do you want to come to the cinema with __? a) us b) me c) you 14) This exercise is very difficult. I can't do ___. a) her b) him c) it 15) Mum, I don't understand my homework. Help ____. a) you b) them c) me 16) My husband gets home late, but I always have dinner with __. a) him b) her c) you 17) George and Nora are really nice. I like ____. a) us b) you c) them 18) You have a message from Alice. Please call ____ on her mobile. a) her b) she c) him 19) Our neighbours are very unfriendly. They never speak to ____. a) you b) they c) us 20) Our cat is very funny. Look at ____ a) me b) it c) her d) him


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