1) The dog plays in the park a) What does the dog play? b) Where does the dog play? c) How is the dog playing? d) Why is the dog playing? e) When does the dog play? f) Who is in the park? 2) The boys play football on Mondays a) What do the boys do on Mondays? b) Where do the boys play? c) How are the boys playing? d) Why are the boys playing? e) When do the boys play? f) Who plays football? 3) I have Maths class on Tuesdays a) What do you have on Tuesdays? b) Where do you have Maths class? c) How are you doing in Maths class? d) Why do you have Maths class? e) When do you have Maths class? f) Who has Maths class? 4) I read because I love books a) What do you read? b) Where do you read? c) How are you reading? d) Why do you read? e) When do you read? f) Who reads books? 5) The singer is on the stage a) What is the singer doing? b) Where is the singer? c) How is the singer feeling? d) Why is the singer on stage? e) When is the singer on stage? f) Who is on the stage 6) They play basketball by throwing the ball through the hoop a) What do you play basketball? b) Where do you play basketball? c) How are you play basketball? d) Why do you play basketball? e) When do you play basketball? f) Who plays basketball? 7) Jesse buys cookies at the bakery a) What does Jesse buy? b) Where does Jesse buy cookies? c) How does Jesse buy cookies? d) Why does Jesse buy cookies? e) When does Jesse buy cookies? f) Who buys cookies? 8) Sam dances because he is happy a) What does Sam do? b) Where does Sam dance? c) How does Sam dance? d) Why does Sam dance? e) When does Sam dance? f) Who dances when they are happy? 9) They go to school by bus a) What do they do? b) Where do they go? c) How do they go to school? d) Why do they go to school? e) When do they go to school? f) Who goes by bus? 10) Amy and Sally play instruments after school a) What do they do? b) Where do they play instruments? c) How do they play instruments? d) Why do they play instruments? e) When do they play instruments? f) Who plays instruments?


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