1) What's the busiest London airport? a) Heathrow b) Gatwick c) Stansted 2) What's the most popular kind of food? a) British b) Chinese c) Indian 3) Which is the biggest city (after London)? a) Edinburgh b) Manchester c) Birmingham 4) Where's the highest mountain? a) Scotland b) England c) Wales 5) Which part of Britain is the sunniest? a) South West b) South East c) North East 6) Which is the most popular tourist town (after London)? a) Oxford b) Cambridge c) Edinburgh 7) What is the most popular free time activity? a) gardening b) watching TV c) reading 8) What is the most popular sport? a) fishing b) football c) darts 9) Which is the oldest university? a) Oxford b) Cambridge c) London 10) What is the most common religion? a) Islam b) Roman Catholicism c) Protestantism 11) What's the most common foreign language that people learn? a) Spanish b) French c) German 12) What's the biggest animal? a) horse b) bull c) bear

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