1) Lions are ________________ zebras.  a) lighter than b) lighter c) the lightest 2) Elephants are _____________________ animals in the zoo. a) stronger than b) strongest c) the strongest 3) Elephants are ___________________bears. a) slower b) slower than c) the slowest 4) Giraffes are ______________________ animals in the savannah. a) taller than b) tallest c) the tallest 5) It's _____________and _____________________ in the savannah than in the jungle. a) hotter and sunnier b) hottest and sunniest 6) Messi is __________________ football player. a) better than b) the best c) best 7) Asia is ________________________continent. a) bigger than b) biggest c) the biggest 8) Tucuman is ____________________________ province of Argentina. a) the smallest b) smallest c) smaller than 9) Maths is _________________English. a) worse than b) worse c) the worst 10) Tierra del Fuego is _________________ Misiones. a) colder b) the coldest c) colder than




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