1) Your friend needs a lift to the airport. You’re not busy and have a car. What do you say to her? 2) Are you going work as soon as the class finishes? 3) Is anything likely to change in our country in the next twelve months? 4) After you're done today, what will you do? 5) What’s the next book you’re going to read/film you’re going to see? 6) Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? 7) What do you think the weather will be like next week? 8) Are you likely to forget something important? 9) Might you live in another country one day? 10) When is the next public holiday? 11) Where’s your next holiday going to be? 12) When and where are the next Olympic Games? 13) We’re all waiting for your friend. We want you to speak to him and find out where he is. What do you say? 14) Are people likely to visit Mars in your lifetime? 15) Your grandma tells you she has lost her glasses. You want to help. What do you say? 16) Are you going to buy anything expensive soon? 17) Do you think you might learn another language? 18) The doorbell rings. You offer to answer it. What do you say? 19) What are you planning to do the coming summer? 20) Do you think you’ll ever be very rich or famous? 21) When are you due to finish your next project at work/at university? 22) Are you likely to move home in the future? 23) Are you staying in tonight? 24) Do you think you'll take up a new hobby sometime in the future?


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