1) 1. What ___ you do if you didn’t have to work? a) would b) do c) will 2) 2. If I didn’t work, ____ my time doing my hobbies. a) I spend b) I'd spend c) I'll spend 3) 3. I would read more if ___ so tired in the evening. a) I won't be b) I'm not c) I weren't 4) 4. If ___ more space, we could grow a vegetable garden. a) we'd have b) we had c) we have 5) 5. We’d be healthier if ___ our own food. a) we did eat b) we ated c) we ate 6) 6. The kids ___ pizza every day if we let them. a) ate b) didn't eat c) would eat 7) 7. ___ you mind if I borrowed some sugar? a) wouldn't b) would c) will 8) 8. If I had some sugar I ___ it to you, but unfortunately I’ve run out. a) will lend b) would lend c) lent 9) You wouldn't have so many accidents if you____more carefully. a) drove b) would drive c) drive 10) If I_______ more money, I'd travel more. a) have b) would have c) had 11) What would you do if you_____a lot of money in the street? a) found b) find c) will find 12) A lot of health problems could be prevented if people_____better. a) would eat b) ate c) eat 13) I wouldn't drink that milk if I ____ you a) were b) was c) would be




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