A a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby, B how do you call a person who does not have hair?, C it is similar to intelligent, D an exit from the airport to get a particular flight, E costing a lot of money, F any of the long,thin and separate parts of the hands, G Someone who likes sharing things.(personality adjective), H work that you do at home, I a piece of land with water around it, J A short coat, K a room where food is kept,prepared and cooked and where the dishes are washed, L the opposite of hard working, M not wanting to spend money (personality adjective), N something that is very loud, O Someone who is too heavy or fat, P the opposite of rude, Q moving fast or doing something in a short time, R relating to love, S the glass part of a television or computer you look at., T a person who loves having conversations (personality adjective), U not very common or popular, V Someone who visits a person or a place, W type pf hair that smoothly curves in and out, Y the opposite of old, Z an African wild animal that looks like a horse.


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