1) I ___________ a student of English. a) are b) is c) am d) aren't 2) Tim and Sue ____________teachers. a) are b) is c) isn't d) am 3) This is Sébastien. He's _______________ a) Japan b) Spain c) Italy d) French 4) She's from Dublin. She ___________Irish. a) is from b) is c) isn't d) are from 5) They _____________Welsh. They're from Scotland. a) aren't b) is c) isn't d) are 6) _______________'s your first name? a) Who b) What c) How d) Where 7) Those are your books and ____________ are mine. a) these b) this c) it d) that 8) I love music but I ___________like TV. a) do b) does c) don't d) doesn't 9) _____________she like sport? a) Do b) Does c) Is d) Don't 10) When ___________have lunch? a) is he b) he's c) do he d) does he 11) Do you like __________ DVDs? a) watch b) watching c) watches d) to watching 12) They start ____________school at 8.00 in the morning. a) to b) at c) --- d) the 13) Peter's ______________name is Michael. a) brother's b) sister is c) brother d) sisters 14) She's very friendly but she _____________very quiet. a) never is b) 's often c) often is d) never 15) He hasn't got _____________brothers and sisters. a) some b) any c) the d) a 16) They went to the beach with some friends__________Sunday. a) at b) the c) on d) in 17) What ___________your father look like? a) is b) do c) are d) does 18) How many children ____________got? a) they've b) have they c) they d) do they 19) She ____________jeans to work. a) wears usually b) is usually wearing c) usually wears d) is wearing usually 20) ________________two armchairs and a sofa in the living room. a) It's b) There are c) There have d) There's 21) There aren't _____________wardrobes in the main bedroom. a) any b) some c) the d) a 22) You _______________buy shoes in a post office. a) can to b) can c) can't d) are 23) There are a lot of CDs ______________the shelves. a) in b) between c) on d) above 24) The cinema is ____________the bank. a) next b) in front c) opposite d) under 25) Can I have a _____________of milk, please? a) bar b) jar c) box d) carton 26) There is ___________butter in the fridge. a) one b) some c) any d) an 27) How _____________vegetables do you eat every day? a) many b) long c) more d) much 28) He ____________afraid of the dark when he was young. a) wasn't b) weren't c) were d) didn't 29) We ___________born in 1985. a) is b) were c) was d) did 30) My birthday is on February _____________. a) 10rd b) 10st c) 10nd d) 10th 31) ____________they do a lot of sport when they were at school? a) Were b) Do c) Was d) Did 32) We ____________to New Zealand when I was six. a) move b) moves c) moved d) moving 33) They ___________a taxi to the airport an hour ago. a) take b) took c) are taking d) takes 34) ____________did you last see them? a) What b) When c) Who d) Which 35) Is Chinese food ____________than Thai food? a) best b) more good c) better d) well 36) Today is ______________than yesterday. a) cold b) coldest c) more cold d) colder 37) He stayed at the _____________hotel in town. a) more expensive b) expensivest c) expensive d) most expensive 38) Can you tell me the _______________to the library? a) road b) way c) street d) place 39) They ____________their homework now. a) are do b) did c) are doing d) does 40) What _____________doing at the moment? a) is he b) does he c) is d) he's 41) He goes to work __________train. a) in b) on c) by the d) by 42) You ____________drive a car in the centre of town. It isn't allowed. a) don't have to b) can c) have to d) can't 43) You __________to walk, you can take a bus. a) mustn't b) have c) must d) don't have 44) Let's _____________tennis this afternoon. a) play b) go c) to go d) playing 45) _______________does the jacket cost? a) How often b) How long c) How many d) How much 46) _______________you like a coffee? a) Will b) Would c) Did d) Do 47) You ______________be late for school again. a) mustn't b) have to c) must d) can 48) There's a lovely Thai restaurant _____________the theatre. a) between b) behind 49) The internet café is ___________________the bank and the post office. a) on the left b) between 50) Did you buy a _________________of strawberry jam for me? a) bottle b) jar 51) Can I have a ___________________of milk, please? a) packet b) glass 52) Which of these nouns is uncountable? a) apple b) orange c) banana d) garlic 53) Which of these words doesn't belong to the group? a) tomato b) salmon c) milk d) cheese 54) Which of these words doesn't belong to the group? a) milk b) fruit juice c) banana d) water 55) Can you recommend a good book? a) No, I can't. b) What sort of books do you like? c) Why? 56) Can you tell me where the station is, please? a) It's at the end of this street. b) There's a pedestrian street on the left. c) No, turn right. 57) So that's straight on and third left? a) It's on the right. b) No, first left. c) Yes, third right.

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