1) Mike has _____ called. Can you call give back please? a) yet b) just c) never 2) I haven't finished my homework ____ a) already b) never c) yet 3) You promised to give me the report yesterday but you ____ haven't finished it. a) yet b) still c) just 4) I have ____ spent my salary and it's 2 weeks before pay day a) already b) yet c) just 5) We have been here ____ over an hour a) ever b) for c) since 6) I have ____ heard about "sudoku". What is it? a) already b) just c) never 7) Have you ___ been to the UK? a) ever b) never c) just 8) He has had English classes ____ he was 5 years old a) already b) ever c) since 9) They have been married ____ 14 years a) since b) for c) already 10) The pizza we have ordered ____ hasn't arrived a) still b) already c) just 11) Have you finished your work ___? a) still b) just c) yet 12) We have worked in that factory ____ January a) since b) for c) ever




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