What is his favourite food?, Who are you calling?, What is she making?, Where is the bank?, What is he listening to?, Where are they going?, When is the party?, Who is that woman?, Where do you eat lunch?, Where does Jose play football?, Why is he here?, Why is the baby crying?, When does the programme finish?, What is he wearing?, Which cake does he want?, Why are you going shopping?, Which is my classroom?, When do they play baseball?, When is Christmas?, Who is Paolo talking to?, Why is she singing?, When does the film start?, Which is our bus?, Where does Maria work?, What colour eyes does she have?, Which one do you want?, What do you eat for breakfast?, Where are the children?, What is his favourite sport?, When is the next lesson?, Why are you wearing a jacket?, Why is he sleeping?, Why is Ana tired?, Who do you live with?, Which house do they live in?, Where is the book?, What is his name?, When is his birthday?, Who do you sit next to?, Who is your best friend?, Where does Sam live?, Which one do you like?, Why did you sell your house?, How many glasses of water do you drink in a day?, When did you last see your best friend?,


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