1) I ________ stories. a) write b) read c) listen 2) We _________ in a flat. a) lives b) live 3) He _________ handball. a) play b) playes c) plays 4) I ________ milk for breakfast. a) drink b) eat c) have 5) We ___________ comics at night. a) reades b) reads c) read 6) My sister _______ TV in the morning. a) watches b) watch c) watchs 7) She ______ sweets. a) eat b) eates c) eats 8) William ________ his homework in the afternoon. a) do b) does c) dos 9) Joe _________ at six forty-five. a) get up b) getes up c) gets up 10) My family and I __________ breakfast at 7 o'clock. a) haves b) have c) has 11) Thomas ___________ at school. a) eats b) studies c) listens 12) She _________ at night. a) gets up b) goes home c) sleeps 13) He _________ hamburguers.  a) like b) likies c) likes 14) Juan and Carla ________ Spanish. a) speak b) speaks c) speakes 15) Liam and his mother ________ a book. a) buy b) buyes c) buys




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