Talk about something your best friend is good at, What kind of food would you like to try?, What does your friend like doing in his free time?, What does your mum enjoy doing in her free time?, Why do you like travelling? , What do you hate doing when you go on vacation?, Do you have a healthy lifestyle? What do you try to do? , What do you want to do at the weekend? , What do you want to do on Monday?, What do you want to do in winter?, What do you want to learn to do?, Where do you need to go today?, How much do you need to get ready in the morning?, Do you prefer to work on your own or in a team? Why?, Who do you need to meet today?, When do you need to get up in the morning?, What do you need to do in the evening today?, What do you enjoy doing at the weekend?, Do you want to go out later?, What sport do you like doing?, Who decides where to go on holiday?, What do you prefer doing in your free time?, Does your room needs repairing? What would you like to change?.


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