My granny always ____ cards with her online friends on Fridays She ____ chess with her friends. My father always ____ a suit to work. I ____ a meeting every morning. Children ____ broccoli My uncle ____ around a lot for his job. My workmates usually ____ lunch at a café. Turtles ____ very slowly. We hardy ever ____ meat for breakfast. He ____ three languages fluently. My mother ____ a few fashion blogs. My parents ____ potatoes in their garden. My son usually ____ a bus to school. My boss often ____ a presentation before a demo. My neighbors ____ listening to loud music early in the morning. People in my country ____ TV a lot. My husband ____ long hours and this makes our family life complicated. Dogs ____ cats My friend ____ a blog about modern music. President ____ his speeches himself. Doctors ____ much money in my country. People ____ lies. He ____ to the radio in his car. My friend ____ for a big IT company. My company ____ offices in Spain. My father ____ a car. I ____ a 'nine-to-five' job.


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