Walter is a doctor. Usually he (see) patients at his clinic, but now he (do) yoga., It's my QA team. Usually we (test) products for bugs but now we (party). It's teambuilding time., Greg is a journalist. He usually (write) articles and (take) interviews but now he (dance) with his aunt Jess at her Birthday party. , Pete is a detective. He usually (solve) crimes, but today he (not work) but (visit) a theatre, Dan is a delivery man. He usually (deliver) food but now he (lie) in a hospital bed., Tina is a school teacher. She (give) lessons at Corsham primary school. Now she (enjoy) her vacation snowbording in Scotland, Veronika is a developer. She normally (write) a code but today is Sunday and she (learn) to skate. , Bob (like) eating out. But today he (cook) a cake for his wife's birthday, Dillan (own) a grocery, he (manage) the business. But today he (sell) things himself, because his shop-assistant is sick., Melany is a nurse. She (look after) the sick every day. But today is the first day of her vacation and she (fly) by plane to London, Tony usually (not wash) her dog after a walk. But today she (give) her dog a good wash because it's really dirty., Alice normally (do) the shopping in the nearest mall but today she is busy and (order) things online., Lesly normally (not travel) to work. He (work) from home. But today he (not have) the internet connection, so he (drive) to the office.


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