1) The shoemaker gets up at half past six. a) b) c) 2) The shoemaker has breakfast with his wife at quarter to seven. a) b) c) 3) The shoemaker goes downstairs to start working at eight o'clock. a) b) c) 4) He has lunch at half past twelve. a) b) c) 5) He takes a shower at quarter to three. a) b) c) 6) He plays with his cat at three o'clock. a) b) c) 7) He goes back to work at 4 o'clock. a) b) c) 8) He has dinner with his wife at quarter past nine. a) b) c) 9) He brushes his teeth at half past nine. a) b) c) 10) He goes to sleep at ten o'clock. a) b) c)


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