1) Which is bigger, the antelope or the lion?  a) The antelope b) The lion 2) Which is the biggest, the lion, the elephant or the antelope?  a) The antelope b) The elephant c) The lion 3) The dog is _______________________ the cat. a) bigger than b) the biggest 4) The boy is ______________________ the girl. a) the youngest b) younger than 5) The woman is ____________________ in the family. a) older than b) the oldest 6) The boy is ___________________ in the family. a) the noisiest b) noisier than 7) The fish is ________________ the fish tank. a) smaller than b) the smallest 8) He's ______________ in the family. a) greedier than b) the greediest 9) She's _______________ her brother. a) shyer than b) the shyest 10) Lions are ______________ cats. a) the fiercest b) fiercer than 11) She's ____________ her friends. a) braver than b) the bravest 12) The sloth is _______________ the fox. a) the slowest b) slower than 13) The fox is _______________ the sloth. a) faster than b) the fastest

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