1) A project like this needs plenty of preparation beforehand. a) budget constraints b) making the launch date c) upfront planning 2) The contractors failed to keep to the agreed schedule so the new bridge was completed one year late. a) make the launch date b) stay on track c) go over budget 3) The whole project has been difficult and we've lost time because of unforeseen delays. a) missed the deadline b) fallen behind schedule c) gone over budget 4) Can you give me a detailed prediction? a) go over budget b) upfront planning c) an accurate forecast 5) They didn't start selling the new product on the agreed date. a) make the launch date. b) miss the deadline c) stay on track 6) What limitations on spending do we have when it comes to travel costs? a) an accurate forecast b) budget constraints c) upfront planning 7) There are strict penalty clauses, so it'll be expensive if we are late for that date. a) miss the deadline b) stay on track c) make the launch date 8) I always look at our spending carefully so that we don't spend more than we have. a) miss the deadline b) go over budget c) make the launch date




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