1) Maria always thinks about other people's feelings. Sometimes it's harmful for her because she overlooks her own feelings. a) insecure b) selfless c) considerate d) shrewd 2) This actor is crazy. His behaviour is weird but it helps him to stand out. a) cruel b) self-satisfied c) vain d) eccentric 3) Peter criticizes everyone he knows. However, his comments may be useful sometimes. a) bossy b) judgemental c) stingy d) vain 4) My half-sister saw the situation clearly. That's why, her actions were logical. a) considerate b) cautious c) shrewd d) creative 5) If I feel sad, I always call my aunt. She understands me better than anyone and supports me a lot. a) sympathetic b) sociable c) shrewd d) selfless 6) Peter believes everything what his wife tells him. But I know that she's a liar! a) gullible b) sympathetic c) considerate d) insecure 7) She's an extravert. She has a lot of friends. a) self-satisfied b) sociable c) intelligent d) stubborn 8) Carl doesn't like looking in the mirror. He says that he's ugly and stupid-looking. a) vain b) insecure c) stubborn d) cruel 9) My father had thought through all the possible outcomes before he started his own business a) considerate b) cautious c) stingy d) shrewd 10) Melissa never liked cats. When she was five she hit a cat in the street. That was so mean of her. a) bossy b) vain c) cruel d) bad-tempered 11) My brother has tried to enter Harvard for 5 times but failed. Next year he's going to try once again. a) stubborn b) vain c) industrious d) passionate 12) He never buys flowers for his girlfriend. a) insecure b) vain c) self-satisfied d) stingy 13) Math is quick on the uptake when it comes down to Maths. He's talented at it! a) intelligent b) industrious c) creative d) stubborn 14) It's very easy to start a fight with Fred because he's... a) bossy b) vain c) cruel d) bad-tempered 15) Catherine is always telling me what to do! a) cruel b) bossy c) passionate d) insecure


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