Where do (did) you go to school? Do you think it is (was) a good school? Explain., Do you plan to go to university? (or: Did you go to university?) What will (did) you study?, What is (was) your favourite subject? Why do (did) you like it?, What are the qualities of a good teacher? A good student? (e.g. A good teacher is patient.) (e.g. A good student is hard-working.), Once you graduate, should you stop learning? Explain. How can you continue to learn?, How can you continue to learn?Which are the best schools and universities in your country? Explain., How much homework or papers do students need to do? How much free time do they have?, Is studying expensive in your country? What are the costs? Do research and compare., Do you think it is easier to learn as a child or as an adult? Explain your view., Does education guarantee a good job? Brainstorm and discuss., Which languages are taught in school? Is it difficult to learn to speak them well? Explain., ‘I’d rather start making money at 16 than continue studying.’ Do you agree? Discuss., ‘Most of what you learn in school is useless. Also, most teachers are out of touch with the real world.’ Do you agree? Discuss., ‘You don’t need to go to school to be smart. I can teach myself.’ Do you agree?, ‘Going to school is a complete waste of time.’ Do you agree? Explain your views., Which is more important: the skills you learn in school or in real life? Explain., Would you consider studying abroad? Where? Why? Talk about it., Are women encouraged to pursue an education? What jobs do they do? Talk about it..

Let’s talk about EDUCATION


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