1) I ______________ to London tomorrow afternoon. a) am flying b) am going to fly c) are flying d) are going to fly 2) I _____________ you with your homework tonight. Don't worry! a) am helping b) am going to help c) are helping d) am going to helping 3) I ___________________ "Dark" with my friends tomorrow at 7 p.m. a) are watching b) am going to watch c) am watching d) are going to watch e) will watch 4) Are you going to the club today? I ____________ there because I have a terrible headache. a) am not going to go b) am going c) am no going d) am not going 5) We ________________ computer games at 7. I've just bought the games.  a) be playing b) are going to play c) are going to go d) are playing 6) My friend and I __________________ dinner on Tuesday. a) be haveing b) am having c) are going to have d) are having 7) We use ______________ for future arrangements. a) Present Continuous b) Be going to c) Present Simple d) Will 8) Ricky and Paul _____________ at a nice hotel on monday morning. a) are stay b) are staying c) is going to stay d) is staying




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