1) CONDITIONALS. If you ... hard, you will pass the exams. a) study b) will study c) studied 2) CONDITIONALS. If we had locked the door, our cat ... . a) wouldn't escape b) wouldn't have escaped c) won't escape 3) REPORTED SPEECH. Jack told me ... . a) to was honest b) be honest c) to be honest 4) FUTURE MAGIC. The bus ... at 8:15. a) arrives b) will arrive c) arriving 5) FUTURE MAGIC. Be careful! You ... yourself. a) will cut b) are going to cut c) are cutting 6) FUTURE MAGIC. There's no milk! - I ... some. a) 'm going to buy b) am buying c) will buy 7) YET-BEFORE-JUST. I haven't finished ... . a) yet b) just c) before 8) REPORTED SPEECH. I asked Kate where ... . a) had she stayed b) she had stayed c) she stayed had 9) YET-BEFORE-JUST. Mary has ... left, sorry. a) before b) yet c) just 10) PASSIVE VOICE. My car ... before I came back. a) had been repaired b) was repaired c) is repaired 11) TAGS. Sue bought a house yesterday, ... ? a) she don't b) didn't she c) aren't she 12) REGRETS. I wish I ... how to help you now. a) know b) had known c) knew 13) TENSES. I ... of renting an apartment since last weekend. a) 've been thinking b) 'm thinking c) think 14) GONE-BEEN. I ... to Spain twice. a) 've gone b) 've been c) 'm been 15) TENSES. I didn't start cooking until I ... all the ingredients. a) had buy b) bought c) had bought 16) TENSES. When you return home, I ... . a) will be sleeping b) will sleeping c) will be sleep 17) TENSES. I can't go with you - I ... my essay yet. a) haven't wrote b) haven't written c) didn't write 18) TENSES. Helen won't watch TV - she ... dinner. a) are cooking b) cooks c) is cooking 19) ED-ING. Roger looks ... - give him some water. a) tired b) tiring c) tireding 20) TENSES. By the time they wake up, mum ... the breakfast. a) will cook b) will have cooked c) is cooking 21) ED-ING. She's ... becase of a ... film. a) bored, bored b) boring, bored c) bored, boring 22) PaSi-PaCo. I met a friend when I ... home. a) was walking b) walked c) used to walk 23) TENSES. Sam ... for an hour until they came. a) had waited b) had been waiting c) was waiting 24) PaSi-PaCo. Lisa ... her key when she ... . a) was lost, dancing b) was losing, danced c) lost, was dancing 25) WH-WORDS. Kim asked me ... book I had chosen. a) which b) whose c) who 26) WH-WORDS. Do you know the man ... wife is a doctor? a) where b) whose c) when 27) CONDITIONALS. Unless you ... I won't forgive you. a) don't apologise b) apologised c) apologise 28) TENSES. We ... all day - let's have a walk. a) have been cooking b) have cooked c) are cooking 29) TENSES. ... you been ... here since morning? Go outside! a) Did ... sit b) Have ... sitting c) Are ... sitting 30) TENSES. Rick ... the house for three hours. a) been has painting b) has been painted c) has been painting 31) REPORTED SPEECH. Ron told ... getting on his nerves. a) Wendy to stop b) to stop Wendy c) to Wendy stop 32) OP.S.A.SH.C.O.M.P. Kelly is a(n) ... girl. a) Italian beautiful tall  b) beautiful tall Italian c) tall Italian beautiful 33) OP.S.A.SH.C.O.M.P. Have you seen that ... box? a) black antique metal b) metal antique black c) antique black metal 34) ADJ-ADV. Sally is ... girl in our class. a) the most beautiful b) the beautifulest c) more beautiful 35) REGRETS. I wish you .. so crazy about soap operas! a) aren't b) weren't c) hadn't been 36) ADJ-ADV. You should drive ... . a) carefuller b) careful c) more carefully 37) VOCABULARY. ... he came, he started cooking immediately. a) As soon as b) Untill c) Unless 38) VOCABULARY. We can't find him ... you know his address. a) until b) unless c) as soon as 39) VOCABULARY. You won't get out ... your teacher comes. a) as soon as b) unless c) until 40) PHRASAL VERBS.  Don't you want to ... your dad's company? a) take over b) take up c) take out 41) TENSES. By the time our friends ... we had decided to leave. a) arrived b) had arrived c) have arrived 42) PHRASAL VERBS. Hello, what are you looking ... ? a) forward to b) after c) for 43) PHRASAL VERBS. I ... you for your brother if I didn't know your secret. a) would have mistook b) would mistake c) will mistake 44) VOCABULARY. When Kim was a child, she ... in the garden. a) used to play b) played to use c) use to played 45) VOCABULARY. Yesterday I ... a toy I ... with. a) used to find, played b) found, used to play c) used to find, used to play 46) HAVE TO-MUST-NEED TO. Alex ... my class for a month before he decided to quit. a) had been attending b) attended c) was attending 47) REGRETS. in 2090 - If only we ... waste better! a) eliminated b) had eliminated c) have eliminated 48) HAVE TO-MUST-NEED TO. I'm afraid, you ... write it again. a) need to b) must c) have to 49) QUANTIFIERS. Jack ran into ... criminals yesterday. a) some b) a little c) any 50) REPORTED SPEECH. Mum said she ... a new dress the next day. a) will buy b) would buy c) buy would 51) QUANTIFIERS. There is ... honey in the jar, we should buy more. a) little b) a little c) few 52) TENSES. I ... a box of cereals before. a) 've never bought b) 'll never buy c) did never buy 53) PASSIVE VOICE. I ... by my hephew. a) looked up to b) 'm looked up to c) 'm look up to 54) TENSES. Mark ... football for three years. Now he can't do it. a) have been playing b) have played c) has played 55) TENSES. She ... already ... the task. a) is, finished b) is, finishing c) has, finished 56) FOR-SINCE. Ron hasn't walked his dog ... Tuesday! a) since b) for c) on 57) FOR-SINCE. We haven't met ... two months. a) since b) for c) in 58) FOR-SINCE. They asked me if ... . a) my tummy rumling b) was rumbling my tummy c) my tummy was rumbling 59) VOCABULARY. Sorry, I ... sweets all the time! a) can't help to eating b) can't help eat c) can't help eating 60) REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS. Sometimes Nelly used to talk to ... . a) myself b) herself c) yourself

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