1) A cat is ____________ a mouse a) bigger b) biger than c) bigger than d) the biggest 2) Men are usually ___________ women. a) more violent than b) most violent c) violenter d) the most violent 3) Mary is _____________ in the group. a) the taller b) taller than c) the tallest d) the most tallest 4) The mother's got ____________ hair. a) longest b) the longer c) the longest d) the most longest 5) A tortoise is ______________ animal in the world. a) faster b) the fastest c) slower d) the slowest 6) Mount Everest is ___________________ mountain in the world. a) the highest b) the higher c) higher d) the most high 7) A rabbit is ____________ a snail. a) fast than b) faster than c) fastest than d) the fastest 8) A koala is _________ a panda. a) bigger than b) smaller c) the biggest d) smaller than



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