Wendy is carrying ____ heavy luggage. Look, this is ____ project. Where is ____? Helen, Is that his cat or ____? Diana is playing tennis with ____ boyfriend. ____ won ____ first competition at the club. My husband is so smart. ____'m so proud of ____. It's an awful song. ____ hate ____. ____ cooks at the weekends. ____ sold my bike so this money is ____. Vincent, shall ____ go in my car or ____ ? Did ____ understand the questions? Give ____ this! ____ talked to ____ about her job. He gave ____ flowers. Whose dog's it? ____'s ____ Mara always writes letters to ____. This suitcase belongs to us. This suitcase is ____. This ball belongs to those boys. This ball is ____. Peter works in a hospital. ____ is a doctor. ____ was too hard for ____ to solve the problem. This apartment belongs to my cousins. This apartment is ____. ____'s a school. ____ name's Elpídio Barbosa.

Subject, Possessive, Object Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives

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