Banana Rule - Any open A that is NOT accented goes to schwa., Cancel Pencil - Any Vowel-L at the end that is NOT accented goes to schwa., Cry Baby - American words can’t end in I., Fancy Nancy - /see/ at the end is spelled C-Y. (Most of the time.), Texas Blossom - Closed A’s and O’s that are NOT accented go to schwa., Flu - Long u has two sounds /oo/ and /u/, Music Trick - /ick/ at the end of a multi-syllable word is ALWAYS spelled ic., Happy - Short vowels must be closed. If you can't hear anything closing them off double the next sound you do hear., Campus Confess - If the last syllable lasts the longest, double the s., Confident - Open i and e in the middle syllable will say it's short sound.,



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