1) If the diameter of a circle is 50cm. Find the radius... a) 100cm b) 25cm c) 12.5cm d) 20cm 2) The formula for the area of a circle is... a) A = \pi r2 b) A = \pi2r c) A= \pi d d) A = \pi r d 3) A sector is a) The length of the line fromone point to another, along the circumference. b) The perimeter of a circle. The distance all the way around the egde of the circle. c) The length of the line through the center and touching two points on the edge. d) The area of a circle, which is enclosed by two radii. 4) If the radius is 5m and the angle of the sector is 35°. Which calculation will I do... a) (35/180) x π x 5 b) (35/180) x π x 25 c) (35/360) x π x 25 d) (35/360) x π x 5 5) A sector with an angle of 270° is the same as... a) A semi-circle b) A three-quarter circle c) A quarter circle d) It can't be a circle!



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