Crie melhores lições mais rapidamente
1) She______ tennis at the weekend. a) plays b) plais c) playes d) doesn't play 2) The baby always ______ . a) cryes b) cries c) crys d) doesn't cries 3) James______ to school by bus. a) gos b) goies c) goes d) doesn't go 4) My dad _____ planes. a) flys b) flyes c) flies d) doesn't fly 5) My brother ______ every day. a) studies b) studys c) studyes d) don't study 6) Janete ______ her homework after school. a) dos b) do c) does d) doesn't do 7) Marcy_____ hard to be polite. a) tryes b) tries c) doesn't try d) don't try 8) Lewis and Anne ______ to the cinema on Fridays. a) goes b) go c) doesn't go d) don't go 9) Lucy ____ her hair every day. a) washs b) wash c) washes d) doesn't washes 10) Terry ____ swimming. a) enjoys b) enjoyes c) enjoies d) don't enjoy

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