1) Would you mind ___ the door? a) close b) to close c) closing 2) Chris suggested ___ to the cinema. a) go b) to go c) going 3) He tried to avoid ___ my question. a) answer b) to answer c) answering 4) Have you ever considered ___ to live in another country? a) go b) to go c) going 5) When I'm on holiday I enjoy not ___ to get up early. a) have b) to have c) having 6) My memory is getting worse. I keep ___ things. a) forget b) to forget c) forgetting 7) I recommend ___ by train. a) travel b) to travel c) travelling 8) Are you thinking of ___ a car? a) buy b) to buy c) buying 9) It was a long way to walk, so we decided ___ a taxi. a) take b) to take c) taking 10) Simon was in a difficult situation, so I agreed ___ him. a) help b) to help c) helping 11) Ann pretended not ____ me when she passed me in the street. a) see b) to see c) seeing 12) We asked how ___ to the station. a) get b) to get c) getting 13) I’m not going anywhere! I refuse ___. a) move b) to move c) moving 14) He offered ___ the bags. a) carry b) to carry c) carrying 15) Hot weather makes me ___ tired. a) feel b) to feel c) feeling 16) Let me ___ your bag for you. a) carry b) to carry c) carrying 17) What made you ___ your mind? a) change b) to change c) changing 18) He needs ___ harder if he wants to make progress. a) work b) to work c) working 19) She tried to be serious, but she couldn’t help ___. a) laugh b) to laugh c) laughing 20) The office I worked in was horrible. I hated ___ there. a) work b) to work c) working 21) Can you remind me ___ Sam tomorrow? a) call b) to call c) calling 22) I’m not good at ___ languges. a) learn b) to learn c) learning 23) It’s a nice town. It’s worth ____ a few days there. a) spend b) to spend c) spending 24) Do you think it is safe ___ this water? a) drink b) to drink c) drinking 25) He's very keen on ______ a) traveling b) travel c) to travel 26) I advised him ____ home a) go b) to go c) going 27) Both men admitted ______ illegal drugs a) taking b) take c) to take 28) How long are you intending _____ in Paris? a) staying b) to stay c) stay 29) We delayed ______ the telegram a) to send b) send c) sending 30) I forbid you ______ that boy again a) see b) to see c) seeing 31) Anyway, we managed ______ there on time. a) to get b) getting c) get 32) Do you include ______ among your amusements? a) walking b) to walk c) walk 33) I was busy preparing _____ on a trip a) go b) to go c) going 34) He permitted them _______ a) to leave b) leave c) leaving 35) She prefers ______ tennis to playing a) watch b) to watch c) watching 36) Can we afford to go away? a) to go b) go c) going 37) My parents encouraged me _____ new things. a) trying b) try c) to try 38) You are not allowed ______ calculators  in the exam a) to use b) use c) using 39) They requested him ______ a) to leave b) leave c) leaving 40) Nicky's job as a public relations director involves ________ quite a lot of time with other people. a) spend b) spending c) to spend 41) She appeared ______ crying a) be b) to be c) being 42) She promised ________ to me every week. a) to write b) write c) writing 43) I appreciate ______ time off work. a) have b) to have c) having 44) He is learning _____ the piano. a) to play b) play c) playing 45) He has finally succeeded in _____ his exams. a) pass b) to pass c) passing 46) We are a group of friends who are fed up with ______passively the mechanisms of oppression that govern and devastate the world. a) accepting b) accept c) to accept 47) I am fed up with ____ put down and made to feel stupid a) being b) be c) to be 48) Do remind me because I'm likely _____. a) forget b) to forget c) forgetting 49) He was getting bored with _____ the same thing every day. a) to do b) do c) doing 50) Steve just carried on _____ on his computer a) playing b) play c) to play


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