Mr. Benson was the director of a ____ museum in an English town. The best ____ in his museum was very old golden cat, which was it the glass ____. That evening, Mr. Benson ____ all the windows and doors and went home. One night Mr.Benson and his wife were on their way home from a party when the clock ____ twelve. When they were next to the museum, the cat ____ across the street and Mr.Benson stopped the car. His wife saw that the window was open. Mr. Benson ____ the key, ____ to the museum and ____ the window. He saw that the gold cat ____ in the glass case. The ____ was fine. He called the police. When Mr.Benson told his daughter Cleo about the cat, she asked ____ to let her ____ in the museum at night. Cleo opened the window before midnight. She heard a little ____. The glass case was ____ An hour after midnight she heard a noise again. She closed the window and saw the cat in the ____ ____. Cleo said: "I hope you had some ____ outside. Dad isn't going to forget to close the window."

The secret of the Egyptian cat (story)


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