1) Did you __ the doctor yesterday? a) see b) saw 2) I ___ to the library last week. a) go b) went 3) Did Alex ___ this cartoon? a) watch b) watched 4) Did the doctor ___ some medicine? a) give b) gave 5) I __ some photos yesterday. a) took b) take 6) I ___ my homework last weekend. a) do b) did 7) Did Sara ___ her project? a) do b) did 8) Did you __ the show yesterday? a) watch b) watched 9) Did you ___ hello to your teacher? a) say b) said 10) Yes, I did! I __ hello to my teacher. a) say b) said 11) Did you __ any medicine yesterday? a) take b) took 12) The dentist __ me some aspirin. a) give b) gave 13) I ___ a stomach-ache two days ago. a) have b) had 14) Did you ___ a headache last week? a) have b) had


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