1) My parents often __________ westerns. a) watch b) watches c) watchs 2) They _________ hungry. a) is b) are c) am 3) Mum ________ all the dirty clothes. a) washes b) wash c) washs 4) Peter ________ got a brother. a) have b) has c) haves 5) Dad ________ a new plasma TV. a) buys b) buy c) buyes 6) The boys ________ football. a) plays b) play c) playes 7) In summer it __________ hot. a) is b) are c) am 8) I ________ good at school. a) am b) is c) are 9) On Friday we always _________ our piano lesson. a) have b) haves c) has 10) Mary ________ her homework. a) do b) does 11) Richard _________ TV. a) watch b) watches c) watchs 12) I __________ big cities. a) liks b) likes c) like 13) He _________ in the library. a) study b) stydies c) studyes 14) She always ________ to work at 7.00 a) go b) gos c) goes 15) Bill and Tom sometimes _________ to London. a) drive b) drives c) drivs


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