1) We ....... in the park when he suddenly proposed to me. a) had walked b) were walking c) walked 2) When we arrived at the airport, we realized it was late and the plane .... a) had taken off b) taken off c) took off 3) When I ....... my sister she ..... the room and .... a) was calling /left/came b) called/was leaving/came c) called/left/came 4) We ..... to catch the train but we ... it would be better to drive. a) were going/were deciding b) were going/decided c) went/were deciding 5) We .... for a bigger house and we finally .... what we wanted. a) had been looking/found b) have been looking/find c) were looking/had found 6) I ..... for my friend for hours till I .... a message in which he told me he was late.  a) was waiting/had got b) had been waiting/got c) had waited/was getting 7) While he ..... breakfast, his sister .... for a test. a) had had/studied b) had been having/was studying c) was having/was studying 8) I .... to the news when they .... that the storm was over. a) had been listening/say b) was listening/said c) was listening/had said 9) My little sister .... me to take her to the zoo and I finally .... on it. a) had been asking/agreed b) had asked/agree c) was asking/had agreed 10) Something funny ... when we ... to the zoo. There .... a rabbit reading! a) had happened/had gone/was b) happened/went/was c) was happening/were going/had been

Past Tenses: Simple, Continuous and Perfect




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