Say: She _____ she was coming soon., Mike _____ that next week he will be able to help me., She ______ nothing but the truth., ______ a prayer for my classmates., Tell: He _____ me to come to the party., Peter _____ you that I was watching the whole Shelock's series again., The judge ______ the criminals that they had badly damaged Mr. Rob's property and they should repair it., Mary ______ her that she wanted to go to Mar del Plata. , Talk: She _______ to your partner several times, but she didn't get an answer., Sometimes, he ______ too much! It's annoying., Mary ______ nonsense!, Speak: Anne _______ several languages., "I will never ____ to you again!" "You were so rude.", Paul _____ with an American accent., Neither of them ______ a word.,


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