1) What do you usually have for lunch at the weekend?  2) Are you going to do anything speacial this saturday? 3) What will you do your next birthday? 4) Will you go on holiday with your family next year? 5) Have you bought something online recently? 6) When did you last buy a present? 7) Have you ever wasted money on something you didn't need? 8) Are you terrifed of something? 9) Who do you find hilarious? 10) What´s the most exciting ay of travelling? 11) Which person are you the closest to? 12) What are you looking forward to the most? 13) What languages would you like to be able to speak? 14) Have you seen a disappointing film? 15) Who's the most interesting person that you know? 16) Do you prefer sending messeges or talking on the mobile? 17) What kind of activities do you enjoy the most?  18) What's your favourite kind of film? 19) Describe a photo of yourself that you don't like. 20) Have you ever been punished at school? 


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