1) My brother.....just.............. his Math project. a) have.... finished b) has.... finishes c) has..... finished 2) It ....... for hours. a) has be raining b) has raining c) has been raining 3) Anna has lived in her new flat..... July. She's so happy there! a) for b) since c) on 4) This film is taking too long! We.......... it for hours! a) has been watching b) have watching c) have been watching 5) My brother has been playing computer games.... he finished lunch a) since b) after c) for 6) My grandparents...... us since March because of the quarantine. a) hasn't visited b) haven't visited c) visited 7) I..... for my best friend for hours but she never showed up! a) has been waiting b) have waiting c) have been waiting 8) I haven't seen my cousins.... last summer! I miss them a lot!  a) since b) for c) on 9) I've just found some money! a) did you? b) have you? c) has you? 10) We're going on holiday tomorrow! I can't wait to be at the beach! a) Will you? b) Do you? c) Are you? 11) I enjoy painting! It's so relaxing! a) do you? b) are you? c) have you?


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