do you shrug your shoulders?, do you bite nails?, what makes you nervous?, are you hardworking or lasy?, do you tap your foot when you are impatient?, do you lose patience when you are furious?, what makes you upset and dissapointed?, what makes you cry?, do you accuse your friend of anything?, when do you support your friends?, is it hard for you to appologise to anyone?, what makes you wiser?, do you clench your teeth when you are afraid?, when do you feel asleep?, what makes you lose patience?, isit polite to interrupt?, how often do you give a hug to your relatives?, how often do you give a kiss on the cheek to your mum?, what makes you feel puzzled?, are you sensetive? , how do you resolve difficulties with friends?, do you ofte argue? why? , do you always look on the bright side of life?, are you stubborn?, are you curious?, have you got meny aquaintances?, what is the difference between "an aquaintance" and "a friend"?.

Questions about CHARACTER (spotlight8 module1)


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