1) Dybala is ___ (good) at football than Higuaín.  a) best b) good c) better 2) A holiday in the beach is_____ (good) than a holiday in the mountains. a) better b) gooder c) more good 3) A soda is _____ (expensive) than a tea. a) more expensive b) most expensive c) expensiver 4) Japanese is _____ (difficult) language in the world. a) more difficult  b) the most difficult c) difficultiest  5) She is the _____ (smart) girl in our class. a) more smart b) smartest c) most smarter 6) My city is _____(clean) than Buenos Aires. a) cleaner b) more cleaner c) the cleanest 7) The Paraná River is _____ (long) than the Uruguay River. a) more long b) the longest c) longer 8) London is _____ (popular) city in England. a) the most popular b) popularest c) populier 9) A cinema is _____ (quiet) than a park. a) quieter b) the quietest c) most quiet 10) Sarah is the ______ (lazy) student in the class. a) laziest b) lazier c) most lazy 11) The red dress is _____ (cheap) than the blue one. a) cheapest b) more cheap c) cheaper 12) History is _______ (boring) subject at school. a) boring b) boringest c) the most boring 13) Star Trek is ________ (bad) movie I've ever watched. a) the worst b) baddest c) most bad 14) The bed is _____ (comfortable) than the chair. a) comfortablest b) more comfortable c) most comfortable 15) Moni Argento is ________ (funny) character in Casados con hijos. a) funnier b) the funniest c) most funny

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