1) When I want something, my parents always give it to me. a) spoilt b) moody c) aggressive 2) I don't like my boyfriend talking to other women. a) ambitious b) jealous c) reliable 3) I'm always there when my friends need my help. a) moody b) reliable c) sensitive 4) Those are my pens and you can't borrow them. a) responsible b) jealous c) mean/greedy d) aggressive 5) I'm going to go to bed early so l can sleep well before my exam tomorrow. a) sensitive b) sensible c) self-confident 6) I'll hit you if you do that again! a) aggressive b) affectionate c) lazy 7) I feel quite good when I'm speaking in public a) stubborn b) anxious c) self-confident 8) I'd like to be the manager of a big multinational company. a) ambitious b) stubborn c) smart 9) That's what I think and I'm not going to change my mind. a) selfish b) stubborn c) brave 10) I'd prefer to do this on my own, thanks. a) rebellious b) organized c) independent 11) I think, only my wife should do all the chores. I just want to have my own comfort. a) selfish b) mature c) organized 12) Just do what I said! Tidy up your room and do your homework! a) anxious b) bossy c) sensitive d) stabbort 13) I will do what I want! No rules, no authorities!  a) spoilt b) moody c) competitive d) rebellious 14) Is six add four is eleven? No? Hm, I can't solve it, mum! a) sensitive b) stupid c) reliable d) sociable 15) Jill, stop, please! I've heard about your journey thousands times! Keep silent for a minute, please. a) outgoing b) moody c) talkative d) sociable




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