1) What color is common in Chinese New Year? a) blue b) green c) red d) white 2) What people carry in parades on the last day of Chinese new year?  a) costumes b) dragon c) birds d) hats 3) In what country people celebrate Holi? a) Malaysia b) China c) India d) Indonesia 4) What do families do during Holi celebration? a) sing and dance b) play instruments c) run and dance d) play games 5) What Brazilian festival is mentioned in the book? a) Christmas b) Holi c) New year d) Carnival 6) Colorful floats carry ____ and ____ down the streets. a) adults, children b) dancers, musicians c) dancers, players d) musicians, singers 7) What day is celebrated Independence day in the United States? a) July 15 b) June 4 c)  July 4 d) June 6 8) What colors do people fill the steets with? a) blue, red and grey b) blue and white c) red, white and green d) red, blue and white 9) In what month is celebrated the Loi Krathong? a) November b) October c) July d) January 10) People _______ and put them on rivers during Loi Krathong festival. a) light fireworks b) light candles in lanterns c) make banana leaves d) make candles



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