1) There's a table and there are four chairs. There are three cupboards, too. There isn't a bed. a) living room b) bathroom c) shower d) kitchen 2) There is a sofa and a TV, but there isn't a table a) chairs b) living room c) garden d) shower 3) There's a shower and a toilet. There aren't any windows. a) kitchen b) bedroom c) bathroom d) living room 4) There's a bed, a desk, a chair and a cupboard. a) kitchen b) living room c) bedroom d) shower 5) There are flowers and trees. a) kitchen b) bathroom c) living room d) garden 6) In the kitchen, there's a table and four ___ a) chairs b) kitchen c) shower d) living room 7) In the living room, there's a TV and a sofa. There isn't a ___ a) bathroom b) garden c) shower d) living room 8) In the bedroom, there's a bed and a big ___ a) shower b) table c) cupboard d) garden 9) In the bathroom, there's a shower and a toilet. There isn't a ____. a) shower b) toilet c) bath d) chairs 10) You have breakfast there a) kitchen b) bedroom c) bathroom d) garage 11) Your parents keep their car in this part of the house a) garden b) garage c) bathroom d) dining room 12) There's a table and chairs but there isn't a cooker or a fridge a) kitchen b) dining room c) bedroom d) bathroom 13) You wake up there a) bathroom b) garage c) dining room d) bedroom 14) You leave shoes and jacket there a) hall b) bedroom c) living room d) bathroom 15) Usually there's a TV and a sofa a) dining room b) living room c) bathroom d) hall


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