1) Find the false statement: Nancy has a) bought a bike b) been to Seattle c) a younger silbing d) never ate beans e) owned a Honda 2) Find the false statement: Ko has a) been a student at Fresno State b) served as interim SI coordinator c) her birthday in July d) the best surprises e) been to Lake Tahoe 3) Find the false statement: Raveen a) has been an SI leader for chem 1a b) completed her Undergrad in Psychology c) loves to travel d) has seen 2 of the wonders of the world e) is engaged 4) Find the false statement: Francesca  a) went to University High b) first name is Maria c) is in her 2nd semester in nursing d) is a K-drama fan e) is externing at Clovis 5) Find the false statement: Crystal a) birthday is October 4th b) goal is to own a boat c) has mentored at least 3 of the mentors on the team d) favorite artist is Migos e) enjoys coffee 6) Find the false statement: Itzcalli a) is the single subject credential program b) was an SI leader for poli sci 2 c) dislikes soccer d) enjoys working out e) lives in Reedley 7) Find the false statement: Nicole a) enjoys break dancing b) hopes to be a nurse practitioner c) watching anything Disney d) zodiac sign is aquarias e) is 5'6 in height 8) Find the false statement: Stephanie a) has a pet named Georgia b) has dyed her hair multiple colors c) enjoys the gym and working out d) drives a Chevy e) is from Lodi, CA 9) Find the false statement: Crystina a) is the the Chemistry master's program b) can drive stick shift aka manual transmission vehicles c) has been scuba diving d) was born and raised in Tennessee e) career goal is to be a criminalist 10) Find the false statement: Silvia a) has been snowboarding b) is lactose intolerant c) would love to see the milky way under really dark skies d) loves the smell of rain e) is 21 years old

Ice breaker: Do you know your team?



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