You are guilty of ... . You set fire to your neighbour’s car. Nobody was injured, but why did you do it? - arson, You are guilty of ... . You kidnapped the wife of a wealthy man. You asked for $5m ransom. Why did you do it? - kidnapping, You are guilty of ... . You tried to bribe a planning officer $20,000 to let you build a modern extension to your home in the old part of the city. - bribery, You are guilty of ... . You stalked a famous actor for two years. You sent over 500 letters in this time and the police found you in the actor’s garden. - stalking, You are guilty of ... . You have sprayed graffiti on over eighty trains. The cost of cleaning them has been $50,000. - vandalism, You are guilty of... . You stole the identity of four people to get bank loans and credit cards. You spent $150,000. - identity theft, You are a... . You have been found guilty of mugging fifteen people. You stole their wallets and mobiles at knifepoint but didn’t physically hurt anyone. - mugger, You are guilty of ... . You have a factory which makes copies of designer handbags. You employ 40 people and made $500,000. - counterfeiting, You are guilty of ... . You were caught after you stole three pairs of jeans and a T-shirt from a high street clothes store. - shoplifting, You are guilty of ... . You entered military sites, which contained highly confidential and extremely sensitive information. Why did you do it? - hacking,


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