1) Hi! I'm Lionel Messi and I'm from Argentina. I'm ___________. a) Chilean b) Spanish c) Argentinian 2) Hello! I'm Harry Styles and I'm from the UK. I'm _________. a) British b) Canadian c) Japanese 3) She's Billie Eilish. She's from the USA. She's __________. a) American b) British c) Polish 4) He's Rafael Nadal. He's from Spain. He's _________. a) Bolivian b) Spanish c) British 5) He's Vladimir Putin. He's the president of Russia. He's _______. a) Russian b) Polish c) British 6) Hi! I'm Robert Lewandowski. I'm from Poland. I'm _________. a) Polish b) French c) Italian 7) She's Tini Stoessel. She's ________. a) Venezuelan b) Argentinian c) Chilean 8) She's Dua Lipa. She is a singer from the UK. She's ________. a) American b) British c) Russian 9) I'm Lele Pons. I'm an influencer from Venezuela. I'm __________. a) Venezuelan b) French c) Bolivian 10) They're from Germany. They're __________. a) German b) French c) Italian


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