1) This is a photo of my grandmother. I really love _____. a) him b) her 2) Mum! Ben's using my computer. Can you tell _____ to stop? a) him b) her 3) I saw my cousins this morning. I told ____ to come to the cinema tonight. a) them b) him 4) Come on! Mr Jones gave ____ a lot of homework. We mustn't watch TV all night! a) them b) us 5) Can you give ____ your tennis racket? My racket is broken. a) me b) us 6) Laura is going to the cafe. Do you want to go with _____, Milly? a) them b) her 7) Please help ______ with my homework. a) me b) my 8) John and Kate are with their mum, can you see ______? a) they b) them 9) Our teacher is Mr Black. He teaches ____ every day. a) us b) we 10) Emma and David are friends. She likes _____ and he likes _____. a) him; her b) her; him


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