This holds planets in orbit around the sun - gravity, Our galaxy is called the ... - milky way, Jupiter is bigger than the earth so it has ..... gravity - more, The big bang happened around 14 ..... years ago - billion, Fossils matching in different continents are one piece .... for continental drift - evidence, When looking at a world map south america looks like it fits together with ... - africa, Continental drift is driven by sea floor .... - spreading, What state of matter is the Earth's mantle? - solid, Which part of the inner Earth is liquid? - outer core, Earthquakes usually occur at plate .... - boundaries, ..... often occur in similar locations to earthquakes - volcanoes, The seafloor spreads at about ... cm a year - ten, The Earth is at least .... billion years old - four, The solar system is at least .... billion years old - five, Magnetic strips have been made in the seafloor due to the Earth's ..... field switching in the past - magnetic,



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