My last visit to the dentist. Taboo words: toothache, drilling machine, rinse., My best birthday party. Taboo words: birthday cake, presents, friends., My worst sea holiday. Taboo words: sea-side, awful, swim., How I went shopping once. Taboo words: money, sales assistant, receipt., My best school memory. Taboo words: teachers, lessons, breaks., How I went fishing once. Taboo words: fish, fishing rod, catch., How I went to the hair-dresser once. Taboo words: hair-cut, cute, good., How I visited the zoo. Taboo words: animals, children, nice., My best date ever. Taboo words: handsome, enjoy, love., How I went on a picnic once. Taboo words: forest, basket, delicious., How I met my best friend. Taboo words: great, support, help., How I earned my first salary/money. Taboo words: work, pupils, receive., How I went to the restaurant once. Taboo words: waiter, dish, tasty., How I took part in a competition once. Taboo words: contest, win, lose., How I met a celebrity once. Taboo words: fan, great, famous., How I was late for an important event once. Taboo words: in a hurry, worried, make., How I cooked my lunch once. Taboo words: vegetables, meat, cut., How I painted a picture once. Taboo words: paints, brush, like., How I visited a festival once. Taboo words: music, visitors, spend., How I went to a concert once. Taboo words: concert hall, singer, fantastic..


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