1) A structure with a roof and walls, like a house or a school a) building b) hospital c) park d) home e) library f) school 2) A building where doctors and nurses help people who are sick or injured a) school b) park c) home d) hospital e) building f) library 3) A place with grass and trees where people go to walk, bike, and play a) hospital b) library c) park d) building e) school f) home 4) A place that you live a) park b) school c) hospital d) library e) building f) home 5) A room or building that has books, magazines, DVDs, and newspapers to read or borrow a) hospital b) library c) home d) school e) park f) building 6) A place people go to learn a) building b) park c) home d) school e) hospital f) library



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