Crie melhores lições mais rapidamente
1) She __________ English. a) teaches b) teach c) teachs d) teachies 2) I ________ basketball. a) like b) likes c) likies 3) My sister _________ music. a) study b) studys c) studies d) studes 4) My brother and I _________ volleyball. a) plays b) play c) plaies d) playes 5) My father and my mother _________ TV every night. a) watches b) watch c) watchies d) watchs 6) My dog _________ very fast. a) runs b) run c) runes d) runies 7) My notebook _________ 100 pages. a) has b) haves c) havies d) havs 8) You _________ too much. a) sleeps b) sleepies c) sleep d) sleepes 9) We _________ to school in the afternoon. a) goes  b) gos c) goies d) go 10) My father _______ cars. a) fix b) fixes c) fixies d) fixs

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