1) She drives ________ a) careful b) carefully c) carefuly 2) They are ________ eaters. a) noisy b) noisily c) noisyly 3) You speak English very __________. a) goodly b) good c) well 4) Their cat died _________. a) tragicly b) tragically c) tragic 5) The film has a ________ end. a) tragicly b) tragically c) tragic 6) She's so _________ at English! a) goodly b) good c) well 7) He plays the guitar _________. a) bad b) badly c) terrible 8) I never get up_______ a) late b) lately c) latly 9) My mum is a ________ worker. a) hardly b) well c) hard 10) Is it _________ that you lend me your car, mum? a) possibly b) possible c) possiblely 11) Ssome snakes are _________ a) dangerously b) dangerous c) dangerouslly 12) They came in _________ a) quietly b) quiet c) quitely 13) He is an _________ person. a) awfully b) awful c) dangerous 14) You speak English _________ a) perfect b) correctly c) nice 15) A tortoise walks _________ a) slow b) slows c) slowly



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